4 Great Email Marketing Ideas

Are you looking for email marketing ideas that can help you grow your list of subscribers? You’ve come to the right place if you are. Here are a few ideas that can help you grow your list.

1. Build Your List With Social Media- The biggest social media sites out there are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you should be using all three sites to help you build your email list. Each platform is different, so there are various ways to build an email list with them. For example, you can use Facebook advertising to gain subscribers or you can simply ask people to subscribe to your newsletter via a post on your page.

You can focus on growing your following on Twitter and offering them a freebie in exchange for their email address. Also, you can include a link to your lead page or squeeze page via Instagram. For example, every photo you post on Instagram, you can include a link to your page in the description. The more people who see your photos, the more people will join your list.

2. Limited Time Offers Work Great- When you market to your email list, the chances are you don’t put a time limit on your offers. This means people will take a lot of time before they decide whether or not to purchase anything. However, you should create a limited time offer at least once per month. Limited time offers can create a sense of urgency and they are a great way to get sales quickly.

3. Tailor Your Content- Tailor your content to your market, and this is especially important to do if you have segmented lists. For example, you may have people on your list that like certain types of content, while others on your list like other types of content. Knowing what your audience likes and doesn’t like will take a little bit of time to figure out, but once you get an idea, then you can tailor your content to your subscribers. For example, if you run a sporting goods store, then some people on your list may like to know when new products arrive, while others just want general information about sporting equipment, so you could create content for both kinds of people on your list.

4. Offer Something For Free- Every now and then, you should offer your audience something for free. Do this for people who are already on your list and offer it to those who join your email list via your squeeze page. You can give away a few eBook, software, an online course, premium content or anything else you deem fit. If you own a local business, you can offer a coupon or a service for free that your competitors don’t offer. http://www.lovemyphonerepair.com includes free phone pickup and drop-off services, which none of their competitors offer.

The above email marketing ideas should be implemented as soon as possible. The sooner you try them out, the sooner you can have a bigger list of subscribers. Give them a try today and see how well they work for you, but make sure you continue to learn about the different ways to improve your email marketing strategies.

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